What is tooling.report?

It's a quick way to determine the best build tool for your next web project, or if tooling migration is worth it, or how to adopt a tool's best practice into your existing configuration and code base.

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Getting Started

This homepage shows the aggregated results from a bespoke suite of build tool tests. A build tool test is a configuration file created to specifically handle a feature. We intend for the capability results and the configuration files to be transparent; to encourage learning & growing together.

Yes, each of the 48 feature tests have a hand written config file! We worked with the build tool authors to ensure fair tests and succinct configuration. It's all in GitHub.

We highly encourage you to contribute too!



Below you'll get to see how your favorite, or new to be favorite, tool is handling our industry best practice test suite.

Each tool scores as follows:


Partial Pass

The Tools

We chose browserify, parcel, rollup & webpack first out of popularity; to cover the most surface area. We are actively aggregating feedback for the next set of tools and tests.

#Code splitting


#Importing modules

#Non-JavaScript resources

#Output module formats


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Questions or Concerns?

We want to hear from you, let us know how to make this better. Open up a GitHub issue and we’ll track it there. Thanks!

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