Basic JavaScript hashing

Are bundle URLs hashed based on their contents?

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Will the library hash bundled JavaScript? Does the hash change only when the content of the file changes?

The Test

This test bundles a single JavaScript module, with hashed URL generation enabled for each tool. The test is run multiple times, with the contents of index.js changed for the final run.


console.log('foo'); // "bar" in run 3

The result of this test should be a single JavaScript bundle with a hashed URL. Re-running the test without changing index.js should result in the same bundle and hash being generated. Re-running the test after changing the contents of index.js should output a new bundle with a different hashed URL.



The gulp-hash plugin lets you add hashes to filenames.


Webpack's [contenthash] hashing is based on the file contents, which means hashes only change when the resulting output can differ.