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Who is this site for?

This site gives you an overview of the features supported by various bundlers.

This should help you pick the right build tool for your next project, but also act as a guide for how to make the most of your current build tool.

Which tool is best?

It's complicated! 😀

The best tool for you depends on what you need. Some tools are better for libraries. Some tools have more, better maintained plugins than others. Some work better with non-JavaScript resources like CSS and HTML. Some are easier to get started with, whereas others are easier to extend and configure.

Were tooling authors involved with this?

This site was built by folks on the Google Chrome developer relations team, but tooling authors were given early access and gave feedback.

Why this set of tools? How were they chosen?

For our first release, we focused on tools are that are either hugely popular, or up-and-coming.

For instance, Browserify feels less trendy these days, but the numbers on NPM suggest it's more popular than some of the other tools we tested, and that number doesn't look like it's going down.

Whereas Parcel is less established, but its popularity is growing, and it already passes a large number of our tests.

Is this open-source?

Yes! This site, and all our tests, are available on GitHub.

Can I add a new test to this site?

We're interested! We like tests that reflect something useful to developers, and things that differ between tools.

Before spending time writing tests, please file an issue proposing the test you'd like to add. Then, we can figure out the right kind of test before moving on to writing code.

Can I add a new tool to this site?

We're interested! We'd like to focus on tools that have traction with developers, but we're also open to new tools that pass a significant number of our tests.

Please file an issue proposing the tool before writing tests, so we can avoid duplicate or unnecessary effort.